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The Institute for Advanced Research as a Flagship of Academic Activities at Nagoya University
〜 Successfully Navigating Great Ocean of Knowledge 〜
The Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), Nagoya University, was established in 2002 to further promote the world’s top-level research, and to contribute to society through the university’s excellent research outcomes. The foundation of the IAR is indebted to Honorary Director Prof. Ryoji Noyori’s innovative idea, and the institute is among the first such organizations established in Japanese universities. The IAR has since maintained steady growth by strengthening Nagoya University’s pure research from a broad perspective that transcends the conventional disciplinary boundaries. The initiatives of past presidents and the contributions of all the scholars and people involved in the activities of IAR are deeply valued and appreciated. The primary mission of IAR since its establishment has been to identify the distinguished scholars of Nagoya University worthy of international recognition and to further encourage and support their research so that they will be able to show their academic excellence to the world and society at large. For this purpose, we have been hosting IAR lectures and seminars, most notably the Nagoya University Lectures, delivered by eminent researchers, to whom the president of Nagoya University awarded special lectureship. Furthermore, encouraging early-career researchers through interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming a key mission of our institute. This recognition is now widely shared with other institutions of this sort around the world, especially among the members of the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS), in which IAR has been serving as a steering committee member. The IAR has led to the creation of the Young Leaders Cultivation (YLC) program, appointing about eight prominent early-career researchers of various fields every year as designated assistant professors for five years. It is our aim to support those junior fellows so that they will be able to contribute to the acceleration of breakthroughs, to encourage pioneering research into new research areas, as well as to further promote the research of our university. Although Japanese universities are facing challenging times, the IAR envisions leading the way in innovative and wide-ranging projects, and strives to attain our goal of making Nagoya University a world-leading research university, as set out in NU MIRAI 2020. This, of course, requires the participation of all members of the university community who share the dream of advancing cutting-edge academic research, which is why I keenly look forward to your continued support for the IAR.
Director of Institute for Advanced Research
Yoshiyuki Suto

Past Directors

Founding Director 2002.4.1 - 2003.9.30
Ryoji Noyori
The second Director 2003.10.1 - 2004.2.29
Shoichi Sato
The third Director 2004.3.1 - 2005.3.31
Toshio Goto
The Fourth Director 2005.4.1 - 2007.3.31
Keiichi Kitazumi
The Fifth Director 2006.4.1 - 2013.3.31
Takao Kondo
The Sixth Director 2013.4.1 - 2015.3.31
Takaho Ando
The Seventh Director 2015.4.1 - 2018.5.31
Hisanori Shinohara