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The Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), Nagoya University, was established in 2002 to promote top-level global research and to contribute widely to society through its outstanding research outcomes. The IAR is among the first of such organizations established in Japanese universities by the first director Prof. Ryoji Noyori. The IAR has since been promoting Nagoya University’s research especially in pure research from a broad perspective that transcends conventional disciplinary boundaries. Today, the mission has expanded to include the promotion of academics at Nagoya University, support for excellence in research, developing the research and researchers leading next generation, and conducting international research exchanges. The IAR aims to promote the exploration of new and significant research fields as worthy of one of the global leading research universities. We have been hosting IAR lectures and seminars, including the Nagoya University Lectures, delivered by eminent researchers, who have been awarded special lectureship by the president of Nagoya University. The IAR has been also serving as a steering committee member of the University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS), which is the international network of other such institutions around the world. Furthermore, the IAR has been encouraging early-career researchers to be next-generation leaders through the Young Leaders Cultivation (YLC) program and Young Researcher Unit. As Nagoya University aims to become one of the global leading research universities under the framework of the Tokai National Higher Education and Research System, the IAR aims to further expand its function as a hub for research information and human resources, as well as its role in showcasing research, research activities, and the development of research personnel. I keenly look forward to your continued support, guidance, and encouragement for the IAR.
Director of Institute for Advanced Research
Kunio Awaga

Past Directors

Founding Director 2002.4.1 - 2003.9.30
Ryoji Noyori
The second Director 2003.10.1 - 2004.2.29
Shoichi Sato
The third Director 2004.3.1 - 2005.3.31
Toshio Goto
The Fourth Director 2005.4.1 - 2007.3.31
Keiichi Kitazumi
The Fifth Director 2006.4.1 - 2013.3.31
Takao Kondo
The Sixth Director 2013.4.1 - 2015.3.31
Takaho Ando
The Seventh Director 2015.4.1 - 2018.5.31
Hisanori Shinohara
The Eighth Director 2018.6.1 - 2022.3.31
Yoshiyuki Suto