What is IAR?
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What is IAR

Nagoya University’s Institute for Advanced Research was established in 2002 in accordance with the University’s Academic Charter to generate internationally recognized academic research of the highest caliber and to contribute to society through the research-based achievements of the Institute.

Mission of Institute for Advanced Research

principal functions:
As an academy within the University, the Institute communicates excellence in research to members of the University.
By providing substantial support to research of international excellence, the Institute contributes to the improvement of quality of research across the University.
By actively supporting the independence of outstanding young researchers, the Institute nurtures leaders of the next generation for the University.
The Institute contributes to promote an international interaction of the University through the activities of University-Based Institute for Advanced Study (UBIAS) and being at the center of the global research exchange.
Besides the above activities, the Institute also submits recommendations on research advancement to the University leadership. Moreover, it cooperates with various projects, such the Global COE projects, and education conducted at all graduate schools. Finally, by establishing exchange relationships with other institutes of advanced study, it aims at communicating and highlighting the University’s research to a wider society.


Organizational Structure of the Institute

01Honorary Directors
The President of Nagoya University appoints Honorary Directors from academic institutions around the world to ameliorate the academic prestige of the University, both domestically and internationally and to enhance its diverse activities. The Honorary Directors act as advisors to the Institute and offer suggestions concerning its administration and operations.
02IAR Academy
The IAR Academy comprises scholars for whom the University is proud and who offer advice and recommendations concerning academic advancement activities undertaken by the University. They also communicate the essential elements of academic research to young scholars and graduate students through the research they conduct at the Institute.
03IAR Committee
The IAR Committee is composed of the IAR Steering Committee members. This committee plans, discusses, and takes decisions on the Institute’s academic activities.
04IAR Core Faculty Committee
The IAR Core Faculty Committee includes the Institute Director, Deputy Directors, full-time faculty members, and the representatives of the administrative personnel. This committee promotes the Institute’s activities and presents proposals to the IAR Committee.
05YLC Faculty
The YLC faculty comprises young researchers hired by the YLC program to play a focal role in the research activities undertaken at the Institute.
06Committee IAR Fellows
IAR fellows contribute to the screening and evaluation of the YLC faculty and offer academic advice on the activities performed at the Institute.

Research activities

Lectures and Seminars
The Institute organizes the following lectures and seminars to promote academic research at the University through the dissemination of studies of international excellence.
01Nagoya University Lecture
The Nagoya University Lecture is open to the general public and is positioned as the most significant academic address hosted by the President at the University. Lecturers selected from among international researchers of the highest caliber are awarded Nagoya University Lectureships.
02IAR Symposium
The symposium aims at sharing seasoned or cutting-edge research achieved at Nagoya University with all the members of the University. Themes from human and social sciences, natural science, and engineering are rotated for the IAR symposium.
03IAR Webinar
Webinars conducted through real-time as well as on-demand tools are organized to represent a wide variety of topics: from workshops on subjects that require substantial expertise to practically useful seminars for researchers and the general public.
04Freshman lecture series: Appreciate the Fun of Research
This omnibus form lecture for freshmen imparts the enjoyable aspects of research and is composed of talks delivered by Academy members, IAR fellows, or outstanding faculty personnel from within the University or from other institutions.
05YLC Seminar
This seminar allows cross-disciplinary interactions among YLC faculty members and is also open to other members of the University.
06Academic Salon
Selected students meet Professor Ryoji Noyori, a founding director of the Institute, and discuss varied topics to reflect intensively on their research or even life in general.
07Joint Hosting
The Institute supports the collaborative hosting of conferences or symposia whose purposes meet the Institute’s philosophy.
Research Advancement Activities
01Academy Office
This initiative provides Academy members with offices, labs, and a meeting room where they can conduct intellectual exchanges, garner support for their research, and perform educational activities in collaboration with related departments.
02YLC Program
To continuously promote research and educational activities, the Institute has established a planned program of hiring and cultivating young researchers, especially highly qualified assistant professors.
03Foreign PI Visiting Program
The Institute invites outstanding overseas researchers to seek advice, collaborate, discuss, or exchange opinions on the academic activities of the host department. Such scholars are also invited to deliver lectures at the Institute and to promote the academic research and internationalization of the University.
04Short-term Fellowship Program
The Institute invites active researchers to deliver symposia and conduct outreach activities to expand its network of researchers and enhance the global appeal of the University as a research-orientated academic institution.
05FRIAS-Nagoya Joint Fellowship Program
The IAR of Freiburg University (FRIAS) and Nagoya IAR jointly organize and promote large-scale collaborative research programs.
The IAR annually publishes the Institute for Advanced Research Letter to report the activities of IAR and focus the research topics achieved by the IAR members.