YLC (Young Leaders Cultivation)

The YLC program is a strategic program that is aimed to continuously and systematically employ and cultivate young researchers and is governed by the Nagoya University given the fact that recruiting and retention of the good quality and good quantity of the young researchers, in particular assistant professors, is the most significant issue for continuously developing an education and research in the Nagoya University into the future.

employed in 2016

Name Department remarks
1 Tomohiro ABE Kobayashi Maskawa Institute
2 Shingo KOBAYASHI Graduate School of Engineering
3 Masaru TAKEUCHI Graduate School of Engineering
4 Takushi HACHIYA Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
5 Mio HORIE Graduate School of Letters
6 Masatsugu TOYOTA Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

employed from 2015

Name Department remarks
1 Akira ICHIKAWA GS of Literature
2 Yoshiko UMEKAWA GS of Law
3 Sachiko KUROYANAGI GS of Science
4 Hidetoshi SANO GS of Science
6 Mana NAKATA GS of Bioagricultural Science
7 Takahiro HORIBE GS of Engineering
8 Chun LI GS of Science

employed from 2014

Name Department remarks
1 Yuko URAKAWA GS of Science
2 Itaru KUSHIMA GS of Medicine
3 Mizuki KOMURA GS of Economics
4 Chuan XIAO GS of Information Science
5 DALGLEISH Simon John Research Center for Material Science
6 Takuya MATSUMOTO GS of Mathematics
7 Daisuke MARUYAMA Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules
8 Yuya MIZUNO GS of Science
9 Fusa MIYAKE Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory
10 Kunihiro MORISHIMA Ecotopia Science Institute
11 Sayuri YOSHIDA GS of Literature
12 ROY Tristan Cyrus GS of Mathematics
13 WANG Yin Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules

employed from 2013 (achievement presentation)

Name Department remarks
1 Takamori KATO GS of Mathematics move out (Jun. 2014)
2 Kazuma SAKAMOTO GS of Medicine
3 Maki FUKUDA GS of Law move out (Apr. 2015)
4 Shinya MATSUZAKI GS of Science
5 Sinji MIYATA Bioscience and Biotechnology Center
6 Yasuyoshi YONEZAWA GS of Mathematics
7 UMIRDINOV Alisher GS of Law

employed from 2012

Name Department remarks
1 Shogo ITO GS of Bioagricultual Science move out (Apr. 2014)
2 Yukiko OMORI GS of Science move out (Apr. 2014)
3 Kenta YOSHIDA Ecotopia Science Institute move out (Apr. 2015)
4 POOTAWANG Panuphong Green Mobility Collaborative Research Center move out (Aug. 2013)

employed from 2011

Name Department remarks
1 Miki KAWACHI GS of Bioagricultual Science move out (Dec. 2012)
2 Yuichiro SHINDO GS of Medicine
3 Yasushi TANAKA GS of Science move out (Apr. 2013)
4 Tatsuhiro NAKA Center for Experimental Study, KMI
6 Norito NAKAMICHI GS of Bioagricultual Science move out (May 2013)
7 Kosuke NOGAWA GS of Engineering

employed 2010

Name Department remarks
1 Koichiro AYA Bioscience and Biotechnology Center move out (Jan. 2014)
2 Yuta Otsuka GS of Economics move out (Apr. 2015)
3 Xiuguang JIN GS of Engineering move out(Apr. 2014)
4 Miko KURITA GS of Science move out (Jan. 2012)
5 Masamitsu TANAKA GS of Engineering move out (Dec. 2012)
6 Haruhiko SAKANO GS of Medicine move out (Dec. 2012)
7 Norio HIROSE GS of Literature move out (Apr. 2011)
8 kazuki SAKURAI GS of Science move out (Oct. 2011)
9 Shin SUZUKI Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory move out (Apr. 2015)
10 Toshimichi USUBA GS of Information Science move out (Apr. 2013)
11 Hironaka TSUKAGOSHI GS of Bioagricultual Science move out (Dec. 2012)