Professor Toshio Fukuda

(Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University)


March, 1971 Waseda University, Engineering, Bachelor

March, 1973 Tokyo University, Engineering, Master

June, 1973- May, 1975 Yale University, Electrical Engineering, Master of Philosophy

March, 1977 Tokyo Uniersity, Engineering, Doctor


1977 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory, The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Principle Researcher

1980 University of Stuttgert, Visiting Research Scientist

1982 Science University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor

1983 Science University of Tokyo, Associate Professor

1986 Yale University, Visiting Associate Professor

1989- Nagoya University, Full Professor

1993 Scuola Superiore S.~Anna, Italy, Visiting Professor

2003 Humboldt Research Prize Professor

Awards and Honors

1993 IEEE Robotics and Automation Conference, Best Video Award for Brachiation Robot

1995 Division of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering (JSME) Award for the Intelligent Robotics 

1995 Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering(JAME) Fellow Award for the contribution to the Mechanism and Control of the Robotic System

1995 IEEE Fellow Award for the development of distributed intelligent robotics and system control with neuro-fuzzy-genetic algorithm based computational intelligence

1995 Society of Instrument and Control Engineering (SICE) Fellow Award for Contribution to intelligent Control

1996 Best Paper Award of ICEC'96

1996 Best Paper Award of IECON'96

1996 Best Paper Award of IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation (CEC ’96)

1997 City of Grenoble Medal for the contribution to the international cooperation and exchange (France)

1997 IEEE Eugene Mittelmann Achievement Award for his contribution on the computational 

1997 Intelligence to the electronic machines control Banki Donat Medal from Polytechnic University of Budapest, Hungary 

1998 Medal from City of Sartillo Mexico 

2000 IEEE Third Millennium Medal for his excellent contribution to robotics and Automation 

2001 JSME Fellow Award for the contribution to the Mechanism and Control of the Robotic System

2002 Humboldt Research Award

2003 ISCIII2003 Recognition Award
2003 MHS2003 Best Paper Award
2003 ICCSE2003 Best Paper Award
2004 FANUC FA and Robot Foundation Best Paper Award
2004 Pioneer in Robotics and Automation Award 
2004 The Budapest Tech's Senate and the Rector award with honorary
Citizen of Budapest Tech
2004 The Robot Society of Japan Best Paper Award
2004 The Robot Society of Japan Fellow Award
2004 IROS2003 Best Paper Award
2004 MHS2004 Best Poster Award, Best Paper Award
2005 IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Distinguished Service Award
2005 Research Award from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
2005 IEEE-NANO2005 Best Poster Award
2005 MHS2005 Best Poster Award
2006 IEEE Japan Council Distinguished Service Award
2006 SCIS & ISIS 2006 Recognition Award
2006 ROBOMEC Best Paper Award from JSME Robotics and Mechatronics Division
2006 Good Design Special Award from Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry
2006 MHS2006 Best Poster Award, Best Paper Award
2007 Best Paper Award from the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
2007 IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 2006 Googol Best New Application Paper Award
2007 The Robot Award 2007 from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2007 IEEE NTC Distinguished Service Award
2007 MHS2007 Best Poster Award, Best Paper Award
2008 SPIE 2008 Nano Engineering Award

Field of Research and Research Interests
Selected Publications